Our puppies begin training very early in life.  First we begin with the stimulation exercises and scent therapy beginning on day 3 and continuing through day 16.  When eyes open-toys are introduce in the whelping box.

Our last litter (Storm X Joie) began clicker training with Pam Leland at 4 1/2 weeks of age.  We were amazed at how much the puppies could learn at this young age.  They learned heeling off lead and going to a platform to sit, stand or down.  They learned the word “here” meant to turn and come  immediately to the person calling them.  They learned a variety of tricks.  All training with off lead.  This training was very positive and always rewarded with treats—usually small pieces of cheese and lots of hugs. Puppies also got a lot of stimulation from a hanging mobile with a variety of toys first in the whelping box; then one that is free standing.

A standing mobile with different kinds of toys provides fun and stimulation.

Learning to follow.  Person is walking backwards.  This precedes heeling going forward.

Learning to stack for the show ring.

Cuddling a toy in the whelping box

A pup offers a cute behavior while on a platform. 

Going to get a reward for an offered sit.

Little pups investigate a big toy.

Mom and toys—life is good.