THERAPY WORK:  Our dogs love it!


All of our dogs begin their therapy work and training as puppies.  April was our first.   We initially trained her at the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind working with the preschool children.  April was also a frequent visitor in my classroom when I was teaching 4th grade in Colorado Springs.  Mackie and Tassie also began visits with children.  They were favorites of my 4th grade students.  The students were wonderful in helping teaching the girls various obedience exercises.  The pups rarely lost a ‘sit contest’ when pitted against my students.  They did enjoy their visits.  It is wonderful to hear people comment on how gentle and calm the Dalmatians are with the residents.  They truly are representing Dalmatians well on their visits.   Jordi made his first official therapy visit at 13 months of age.  He became certified at 14 months of age.  He loved the therapy work.  Currently Joie and Savvi are making regular visits at a memory care center and a nursing home.  They are registered through The Alliance of Therapy Dogs.  Our Dalmatians have been registered therapy dogs since 1994.

Mackie during a kindergarten visit.

Tassie, as a puppy, teaching kindergarten children to approach a dog safely and correctly.

Mackie really enjoys the older residents.

Fourth grade students working with Mackie when she was a puppy.

April in a down stay during a school visit.

Tassie with a preschool child at the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind.

April was always  a favorite at the nursing homes.

Jordi: Therapy Dog extraordinaire.  He loves everyone—young and old.

Joie, at 9.5 months doing a little therapy work training at Aspen View in Billings, MT.